Opera’s Off Road Mode Saves Internet Bandwidth in Android

We all love to use the broadband internet connections in our Android smartphones over the WiFi networks. But this is not always possible and we have to resort to the unreliable and expensive mobile network connections for the data usage. And if you are traveling in foreign countries, then in some far off places you may not even have access to the high speed 3G connections, and might have to depend upon the painfully slow 2G networks. In all such situations, you can improve the internet browsing quality and reduce the internet bandwidth usage by using the Opera Mobile browser in the Off Road mode in your Android smartphones.

The Off Road mode in Opera Mobile browser opens the webpages after first compressing them through the Opera’s servers. This way you receive a reduced amount of data – saving your internet bandwidth and loading webpages much faster than usual.

In order to enable the Off Road mode in Opera Mobile browser, you can tap on the Opera icon in the browser screen. This will show a menu where you can toggle on or off the Off Road mode. Once you have turned on the Off Road mode, you can tap on the Opera icon again to view the menu and see how much data you have saved through the Off Road mode.

Opera Mobile Off Road Mode

Basically the Off Road mode in the Opera Mobile saves the bandwidth by compressing all the images on a webpage and reducing them in size before downloading them. In the Opera settings, you can choose the quality of these images. To configure the image quality, first select open the Opera settings, then select the Off-road images from the settings list. It will show you options for selecting the Off Road mode image qualities from the low quality, the medium quality or the high quality.

Opera Mobile Off Road Mode

Conclusion: If you have to depend on a low quality or expensive data subscription for your Android smartphone, then you can make use of the Off Road mode in the Opera Mobile browser for faster webpage loading and reduced data consumption. It can reduce the internet data usage to up to 80% of the usual value.

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