How to Change Boot Animations in Android

When you turn on your Android smartphone, you are shown an animation or graphic image usually of the manufacturer or the smartphone brand. Along with the animation, it also plays a sound This animation is called the boot animation in Android. The boot animation is stored inside a ZIP archive and is located inside the /system/media/ folder of the internal memory in Android. This boot animation file cannot be accessed or modified without root privileges, so in order to change the boot animation, you need to have a rooted Android smartphone. If you have a rooted Android device, then you can easily change the boot animation in it using the Boot Animations app.

The Boot Animations app allows you to change the boot animation in Android easily without you having to modify the files manually. In this app, you can use your own boot animation files that you have created yourself or downloaded from the internet, but it also allows a listing of boot animations that can be downloaded from within the app itself.

In the Boot Animations app, you can switch to the Local section if you want to use the boot animation files stored on your SD card, or choose the Server section to download one from the internet. In any case, you have to tap on the desired boot animation and then tap on the Install option which would initiate the installation of the selected boot animation file.

Change Boot Animations in Android

In case of the boot animations selected from the Server section, it is first downloaded from the internet and then installed in your smartphone. After the installation is complete, a notification about “Install complete” appears briefly on the screen. Now you can try restarting your Android device to check your new boot animation.

Change Boot Animations in Android

Verdict: The Boot Animations app makes it extremely easy to manage and change the boot animations in Android based smartphones and tablets. It works only on rooted devices, but saves you from all the trouble of manually copy/pasting the boot animation files. You can use your own animation files or download new animations from within this app.

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