Remove Preinstalled Apps in Android with Root Uninstaller

When you buy a new Android smartphone, you soon realize that the manufacturer has filled half of the internal SD card with bloatware, useless apps and games. Nobody really uses these apps and games for more than one time and because they are installed  in the system area of the Android ROM, they cannot be removed without root access. These pre-installed apps just stay there consuming your valuable storage space. If you have a rooted Android smartphone, then you can use the free Root Uninstaller to uninstall them safely and gain valuable storage space.

The Root Uninstaller, as its name suggests, works only on rooted Android smartphones. It allows you to safely uninstall system apps (which is where the bloatware and pre-installed apps are usually stored) in addition to user installed apps.

Root Uninstaller shows a list of all the system apps as you launch it. But you can also view the list of third party apps, user installed apps and so on. As you tap on any of the apps in the list, it displays a screen with multiple options to freeze, uninstall, backup, reset or launch the app. You can also open the data and app folders for the selected app.

Root Uninstaller

If you choose to freeze an app, it gets disabled but still keeps consuming the space. You can create a backup of the app which copies that apps APK file to the backup folder. Using this backup, you can restore the app at any later time. Resetting an app clears the cache associated with it – it loses all the options and other data.

In the options for the Root Uninstaller, you can choose to automatically create a backup for the apps whenever you install or update them. You can also choose to upload the backup files to your Dropbox account in order to save the storage space on your SD card.

Root Uninstaller

Conclusion: Root Uninstaller is a pretty handy tool when it comes to getting rid of all the bloatware apps that come pre-installed in every Android smartphone. By removing these pre-installed apps and games, you can gain valuable storage space and improve your smartphone’s performance.

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