How to Decrypt Simplocker Encrypted Files with ESET Simplocker Decryptor

For more than two decades, virus and malware authors have been targeting the Windows operating system unwearyingly. But now with a sudden rise in the popularity of the mobile operating systems like Android, they are switching to the mobile devices – specially the devices running on the Android OS. Your susceptibility of getting infected by malware in Android increases manifold if you often download apps APK files from third-party and untrustworthy sites. Recently, a new Android malware called Simplocker has been detected by the researchers at ESET security labs. Simplocker is a ransomware – it encrypts your documents on your Android smartphone’s SD card and them demands you a ransom to decrypt them. Thanks to the security experts at ESET, you do not have to pay anything – you can just use the ESET Simplocker Decryptor app in your Android device and have all your files decrypted in a short time.

ESET Simplocker Decryptor is not available from the Google Play Store (at the time of writing this article) and is available only from the ESET’s website in form of an APK file. For installing this APK file in your Android device, you will have to allow installation of apps from unknown sources. You can learn how to install apps from APK files in Android.

ESET Simplelocker Decryptor

After changing the settings to allow installation of apps from APK files, you can proceed and download the ESET Simplocker Decryptor from the VirusRadar website (link at the bottom of this article). You can also directly download it from ESET servers: ESET-Simplocker-Decryptor.apk.

Because ESET Simplocker Decryptor is installed from an APK file, you will not find its shortcut on the Android home screen. But you can find “Simplocker Decryptor” in the All Apps section. After launching Simplocker Decryptor, you can tap on Scan Device button and wait for the scan to be completed. If you are lucky and have never been infected by the Simplocker malware, then it will not detect any infected files.

ESET Simplelocker Decryptor

However, if it finds any of the Simplocker encrypted files on your memory card, then you can simply tap on the Decrypt All button to start the decryption of these encrypted files. It will take a few seconds before all of your files are decrypted. In the end, it will show you a summary of how many files were decrypted and for how many files the decryption failed.

ESET Simplelocker Decryptor

Once you have decrypted all of your files, you should take steps to avoid getting infected by malware and trojans in the future. A simple way to protect yourself from malware in Android is to install apps from trustworthy sources like Google Play Store. You should also install a good antivirus app in your Android device so that any future malware infection can be blocked before it does any damage to your data stored on your smartphone.

Verdict: ESET Simplocker Decryptor is the easiest way to decrypt your files that were encrypted by the Simplocker ransomware in Android. It works very fast, checks for ransomware encrypted documents and instantly decrypts them.

You can download the ESET Simplocker Decryptor app from

UPDATE:  Now you can download the ESET Simplocker Decryptor app for Android from