How to Reduce Internet Bandwidth Usage in Chrome for Android

Almost all the mobile networks claim that their internet data packs are cheapest, yet they all charge more or less the same using various marketing tricks. And if some mobile network offers real cheap data services, then their connection seems to be unstable, unreliable and unreachable all over the city. So in the end, we all have to choose the expensive data packages that actually work. With such expensive data packages, it is highly desirable that you reduce your bandwidth while on your Android device and the Chrome browser for Android allows you to do just that. It has a feature using which you can reduce your internet bandwidth usage in your Android smartphone.

In order to reduce internet bandwidth usage in the Chrome browser for Android, you can follow these simple instructions:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser in your Android smartphone. These instructions apply to both the release and beta versions of Chrome, so you can use any of these. Press the menu key on your smartphone and choose Settings from the menu that appears.Save Data Usage in Chrome for Android
  2. This will open another menu for the Settings. You have to select Bandwidth Management from this Settings menu.Save Data Usage in Chrome for Android
  3. On the Bandwidth management screen, there are two options Preload webpages and Reduce data usage. You have to select Reduce data usage option. You should also set Preload webpages to either Never or Only on WiFi.Save Data Usage in Chrome for Android
  4. On the Reduce data usage screen, it will display information about what this feature will do for you and how it can save your internet bandwidth. You can tap on the switch near the top to turn on this feature.Save Data Usage in Chrome for Android
  5. That’s it. From now on all the webpages that you open will pass through the Google servers to be compressed and save your bandwidth.

Using the data usage reduction feature of the Chrome web browser, you can cut down your mobile network data usage costs. If this feature is turned on, then all the websites (except sites opened over the HTTPS protocol and in the incognito mode) are routed through the Google servers where the data is compressed and reduced in size before finally downloading on your Android smartphone – saving your internet data bandwidth.