How to Disable Automatic Updates of Google Search Languages in Android

Google Search is now capable of understanding several languages at once in your Android smartphone. So now you can speak in Spanish or English at the same time and the speech recognition engine of Google Search will understand your voice and what you are saying without any problem. But for this to happen, you should install the offline speech recognition languages in the Google Search app. We have already written about how to install new offline speech recognition languages in Android. But if you leave these newly installed languages to auto-update themselves, it could cost you some data charges from your mobile network operator. In order to avoid such surprise costs, you should disable the automatic updates for the downloaded Google search languages as explained in the steps below:

  1. Open the Google Search app. Tap on the menu key on your Android device to open the Google Search app menu. You have to select Settings from this menu.
  2. On the settings screen that appears, it will show many different sections that you can configure. You have to tap on Voice from the list of options.Google Search Enable More Languages
  3. On the voice settings screen, there are voice related options like audio history, blocking offensive words etc. You have to select the Offline speech recognition from the list. This option allows you to manage the downloaded offline languages for speech recognition.
  4. On the Downloaded Languages screen, switch to the Auto Update tab. Here you can choose various options for automatically updating the downloaded languages for Google Search. You can choose to disable the automatic updates by selecting Do not auto-update languages or choose to update them only over a Wi-Fi connection by selecting Auto-update languages over Wi-Fi only.Disable Auto-Update for Google Search Languages

Google Search is an amazing app that allows you to search Google through your voice. It allows you to work with many different languages that you can download from the internet. But frequent automatic updates of these languages may result in data charges and it is a good idea to disable their auto-updates in the Google Search settings.