How to Add Offline Speech Recognition Languages in Google Search for Android

Google Search for Android allows you to search by just speaking to your Android smartphone. The way it works is when you speak something to it, it sends the voice data to the Google servers to recognize what you have said. Some of the Android smartphones (depending on the manufacturer) also come with an offline speech recognition language pre-installed. For example, my Samsung Galaxy phone came with US English pre-installed as the only offline speech recognition language. But if you want, then you can download and install even more offline speech recognition languages for Google Search in your Android phone.

Before you start downloading new languages as explained in this article, you should update your Google Search app to the latest version. After you have updated the Google Search app, you can follow these simple instructions to download and install new offline speech recognition languages:

  1. Open the Google Search app. Tap on the menu key on your Android device to open the Google Search app menu. You have to select Settings from this menu.
  2. On the settings screen that appears, it will show many different sections that you can configure. You have to tap on Voice from the list of options.Google Search Enable More Languages
  3. On the voice settings screen, there are voice related options like audio history, blocking offensive words etc. You have to select the Offline speech recognition from the list. This option allows you to manage the downloaded offline languages for speech recognition.
  4. On the Downloaded Languages screen, switch to the All tab. This will show you all the languages that can be downloaded for your Android device. Some of the languages are tagged as pre-installed came pre-installed with the Google Search app. Other languages are tagged with their download size. You can tap on any of the downloadable languages to download and install them on your Android device.Google Search - Download Offline Speech Recognition Languages
  5. After the downloading is complete, the languages are automatically installed and you will be shown a notification message in the notification bar of Android.