How to Enable More Languages in Google Voice Search for Android

In the latest update of the Google Search app, Google has added even more languages for you to use. You can use these new languages for voice searching (by speaking to Google Search on your smartphone’s microphone). This way you would be able to speak to the Google Search app in your own language rather than speaking in English. You can also enable more than one languages for the voice search and choose any one of them as the primary language – this way you can speak to Google Search in two or more languages and it will try to understand them all. The first thing to do is to of course update your Google Search app in Android, after which you can follow these simple steps to enable and use many languages in Google Search:

  1. Open the Google Search app. Tap on the menu key on your Android device to open the Google Search app menu. You have to select Settings from this menu.
  2. On the settings screen that appears, it will show many different sections that you can configure. You have to tap on Voice from the list of options.Google Search Enable More Languages
  3. On the voice settings screen, there are voice related options like audio history, blocking offensive words etc. You have to select the first item – Languages from the list.
  4. In the long list of languages that is shown, you can select one or more than one languages. You can long-touch any of these languages to set them as default languages. After this you can tap on the Save button to save the changes.Google Search Enable More Languages

Google Search is an amazing app that allows you to search Google through your voice. Most people think that it works only in English, but on the contrary, you can enable many other languages use them during the voice search.