MyImgur Allows Easy Uploading of Images to Imgur

There are many online picture sharing services that allow you to upload your picture on the internet and then share them on websites, forums or in email messages. They offer you all sorts of different links to share your picture. Imgur is one of these picture sharing websites that is very popular with people who hang out on forums, social networks and chat rooms. But every time you have to upload a picture, you have to open the Imgur website, choose upload options, select whether from computer or from web and so on before it allows you to finally upload the picture. If you do not want to spend so much time in just uploading the files and do not have the patience of a deer hunter, then you can use the MyImgur software that allows you to easily upload any picture from your computer to the Imgur servers.

MyImgur comes both as an installable application as well as a portable program. It can take screenshots of in your Windows PC or you can select any picture file, and it will upload them to Imgur website. It can also manage your Imgur account but that is not required.

You can launch the MyImgur program and start uploading the pictures right away. All you have to do is click on the folder icon in the toolbar and select an image file. As soon as the picture is selected it starts to upload them to Imgur servers. The same thing happens if you take a snapshot by clicking on the scissors icon in the toolbar – in this case the snapshot is uploaded automatically.


You can find all the links to all the uploaded pictures by clicking on the Uploads button withing the picture frame. You can also control the automatic upload or capture, by clicking on Upload or Capture within the picture frame of MyImgur window.

In the settings for MyImgur, you can set the picture upload size, Imgur login credentials, captured screenshot names, hotkeys, whether to copy the link to the clipboard after uploading to Imgur and more.


Conclusion: MyImgur makes it easy for you to upload pictures to Imgur image sharing service. It can also capture screenshots from your Windows PC and upload them instantly. Using this utility, you can save your valuable time and bring an ease in your everyday life.

You can download the MyImgur utility from

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