Privacy Badger Blocks Invisible Trackers in Firefox & Chrome

Looks like organizations related to internet software have suddenly become very conscious about online privacy and blocking trackers. Earlier we had posted about how the Nighly version of Firefox has come up with a new tracking protection feature. And now the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has also released a new add-on called Privacy Badger for Firefox and Chrome users. It is not clear why they picked a badger as the add-on mascot, but this add-on tries to block all the invisible trackers on a website. The way it works is similar to the tracking protection feature of the Firefox browser – it blocks the known tracking servers on a website. But unlike the Firefox tracking protection, it allows you to unblock these servers as you wish.

After the installation of the Privacy Badger add-on in Firefox (or Chrome), it will display an informational page telling you about what this add-on does and how it is different from the DNT (do not track) request feature in web browsers.

Privacy Badger


As you open a website in Firefox, Privacy Badger detects all the content being loaded from external servers and compares them with a list of known trackers. If a tracking server is found, it automatically blocks them. You do not have to take any action. You can click on its icon in the toolbar to see how many of these servers are being blocked.

Privacy Badger

The items displayed in the Privacy Badger popup can be green, red or yellow. If it is red, then it is a known tracker and Privacy Badger has blocked it. If it is yellow, then it is a tracker but it is necessary for the proper functioning of the website. If it is green, then it is not a known tracker and it is not blocked.

In any case, you can click on the gear like icon within the Privacy Badger popup, and choose to unblock all the trackers, report a bug (in the beta version only) to EFF team or disable Privacy Badger add-on on the current webpage.

Privacy Badger

Conclusion: The Privacy Badger add-on can block aggressive trackers from tracking your internet usage pattern. It does not have any complicated settings and works entirely on its own. It is intelligent and does not block those servers that are necessary to make the website work normally.

You can get the Privacy Badger extension for Firefox or Chrome from


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