Record & Repeat Touch Actions in Android with RepetiTouch

Although I have a good quality ADSL broadband connection, but sometimes it fails to work properly – especially during the odd ours at night. In those times, I tether my Android phone with my PC and make use of the 3G network for internet. Although the 3G network is a little costlier, it is not very slow and is a life saver when the ADSL broadband internet is out. Every time I tether my Android mobile phone to my PC, I have to follow the same steps – open settings, tap on “More” in Wireless & Networks, select “Tethering and portable hotspot” and enable the the “WiFi hotspot”. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could record and replay all these touch events to perform the same action? Actually, the free app RepetiTouch allows you to do exactly just that – it can record and repeat the touch actions in Android.

RepetiTouch requires that you have a rooted Android phone. After the installation, it shows a floating toolbar on the right-edge of your screen. It has four buttons that help you drag it around the screen, record the touch events, replay the touch events and load/save the recordings. But the ability to drag this toolbar is present only in the pro paid version of the app.

If you want to record a series of touch events, then you can tap on the red record button and do whatever you want to do. When your task is complete, you can tap on the stop button (that appears in place of the red record button). Now you can replay the recording by touching the green play button. One interesting feature is that you can loop any recording a set number of times or infinitely by long touching the green play button and specifying how many loops you want. For infinite number of loops, you can enter -1 in the loop dialog.

RepetiTouch for Android

If you touch the blue star icon in the RepetiTouch toolbar, then it opens a screen where you can save the recording or load a previously saved recording. You can also open the RepetiTouch toolbar settings from this screen. In the settings, you can choose the toolbar icon size, choose a default loop count, override multi-touch type and more.

RepetiTouch for Android

Conclusion: The RepetiTouch app for Android is a great help for the times when you have to repeat some actions in your Android smartphone. It can record multi-touch as well as single touch events, save them into a file, load the recording file and play all the events back.

You can get the RepetiTouch app for Android from