Control Android Smartphone CPU Speed with AnTuTu CPU Master

These days the smartphones are getting more and more powerful every day. Some of the Android based smartphones are actually more powerful in terms of the CPU and the RAM available compared to your PC. For example, my notebook has a 1.8 GHz AMD dual core APU processor, while my Android smartphone has 2 GHz quad-core processor. But these smartphones with faster speeds and multiple cores also consume your phone battery faster. If you are experiencing fast battery draining in your powerful smartphone, then perhaps it is because of the higher performance of your phone’s CPU. If you do not use your smartphone for gaming and other heavy CPU usage applications, then you can increase your battery life by reducing the CPU speed in Android using the free AnTuTu CPU Master app.

The AnTuTu CPU Master app is designed to control the CPU and GPU clock frequencies in your Android smartphone. It can set a maximum possible clock-frequency limit for your Android phone, so that it does not run the CPU beyond that speed and thus saves the battery power.

AnTuTu CPU Master runs only on rooted Android smartphones. Under the Main section of this app, you can select the maximum possible clock frequency for your smartphone’s CPU. You can choose a scaling mode from the userspace, powersave, hotplug or performance. Each of these scaling modes are designed for the type of performance as their names suggest. You can also choose to set these options at every boot of the system.

AnTuTu CPU Master

Similarly you can also choose the GPU clock-frequency limits for your smartphones under the Advanced section. But these features may not work in many models of the phones as the GPU chips vary from one phone to another. You can choose the maximum sampling rate, threshold value, power save bias etc., from this section.

The SysInfo section of the AnTuTu CPU Master app can show you the information about the phone model, Linux kernel, battery temperature, battery charge level, CPU load, CPU architecture and more.

AnTuTu CPU Master

Conclusion: If you use your Android smartphone only for making calls, texting and social networking, then you can increase your battery life by reducing the clock frequency of the smartphone CPU using the free AnTuTu CPU Master app.

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