Remove System Apps in Android with Root App Delete

System apps in the Android OS are the apps that are installed in the system area of the internal storage. These apps cannot be removed or uninstalled from Android by a regular user. Only a root user (also called super user) can modify these apps, but trying to remove these system apps manually is very dangerous as you might end up removing some of the apps that are essential for running the Android OS itself. If you want to recover some of the internal storage space from your Android smartphone by deleting the system apps, then you can use the free Root App Delete app. This app can detect the system apps and categorize them as OS Component, OS Kernel, Plugin/Wallpaper/Theme, Official Optimized Apps etc. – giving you advice about which of the apps are safe to remove and which should not be touched at all. This way you cannot possibly mess up your Android smartphone while trying to remove the system apps.

As you launch the Root App Delete app, it presents with a screen filled with many tools to remove system apps, user apps, task manager, apk manager, app freeze and so on. You can tap on System Apps to manage, freeze or remove the system apps. You will be shown a prompt to choose either the junior mode or the pro mode. The junior mode is for beginners and for those who want to stay on the safe side, while the pro mode is for the highly advanced users who know the consequences of deleting system apps.

Root App Delete

You will view all types of system apps in the list. The apps listed under OS components and OS Kernel should never be touched (at least by the beginners). It is a good idea to remove only Official Optimized Apps that you can install later from the Google Play Store. In the junior mode, you can only disable the apps while in the pro mode you can delete the apk files belonging to an app.

Root App Delete

Other than these basic features of removing and disabling the apps, you can also use Root App Delete app to freeze the apps, view running apps, manage apk files present on your Android device and uninstall user apps. You can also scan your smartphone for the junk files and clean them to recover some storage space.

Root App Delete

Conclusion: Root App Delete app can help you remove the older version of pre-installed apps installed in your Android smartphone, so that you can later install newer versions without wasting any extra space to store updates. It can also remove bloatware installed by the phone manufacturer that just wastes your device’s storage space.

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