Bring Back Home and Reload Buttons in Firefox

The newer versions of Mozilla Firefox are continuing to resemble Google Chrome more and more with the upcoming versions. First the menu bar disappeared, then came the Australis interface that took care of the rest and now Firefox looks more or less like Google Chrome. Similar to the Chrome browser, now Firefox also removed the home button and incorporated the reload or refresh button in the address bar itself. While these steps may have resulted in a smooth looking interface, they have also annoyed many past users of the Firefox browser who had become comfortable with using the home and reload buttons from the toolbar in the older versions of Firefox.

Many people have resorted to using the keyboard shortcuts Alt+Home and F5 for the home and the reload buttons respectively, but it is not give you the same ease and comfort as clicking on the buttons. If you are also one of the users who is feeling a little uncomfortable with the new trend of making everything but the address bar disappear from the Firefox, then you may want to restore the home and the reload buttons in the Firefox toolbar where they once existed.

Although you can use the new customize feature to add the Home button back to the toolbar, the reload button has become an integral part of the address bar and cannot be added to the toolbar without any external add-ons. Thanks to the free Firefox extension called Buttons Back, the task of bringing back the home and reload buttons to the Firefox toolbar has become easier.

Buttons Back Addon for Firefox

Buttons Back has one and only one task – to bring back the home and reload buttons to the toolbar and as such it does not offer any options. After the installation of Buttons Back extension in Firefox, you may have to restart the browser before it starts working. After browser has restarted, you would see the new buttons to the left of the Firefox address bar. At the same time, you would notice that the reload feature has disappeared from the Firefox address bar.

Buttons Back Addon for Firefox

Conclusion: Buttons Back extension brings back the home and reload buttons in the Firefox toolbar where they once existed. It is certainly productive and useful for all those Firefox users who find it a little difficult to work with the new Australis interface in Firefox.

You can download and install Buttons Back extension in Firefox from