Say Yo! to All Your Friends with the Yo App in Android

The word “Yo” has become very popular everywhere in the world. People say “Yo” when they meet to greet each other, when they get excited about something, and they say “Yo” many times to someone when they want to attract their attention. This word has also been used in many of the rap songs. As far as I understand, the reason for so much popularity of this simple word is its simplicity, brevity and at the same time immense versatility of usage. So if you also want to say Yo to your friends then you can use the Yo app for Android.

The Yo app for Android is a very basic app and keeps things very simple. It saves you from thinking hard about what message you should send to your friends and from hurting your fingers in typing it. The Yo app just sends “Yo!” to anyone in your friends list and that’s it. It does nothing else. You can send “Yo!” for any occasion to anyone you choose. You can send “Yo!” for expressing your feelings in place of saying “good morning”, “happy birthday”, “missing you”, “where have you been”, “what’s up”, “well done” and so on. The “Yo!” can mean anything and everything depending on the understanding between you and the receiver of the message.

Yo App

And using the Yo app is even simpler. You have to add your friends to the list. After this, whenever you feel like sending them “Yo!”, you can just tap on their names in the list. A “Yo!” will be immediately sent to them. They will receive a notification in their smartphone to the effect.

When someone receives a “Yo!”, they can see your username but that does not carry much information as a username is basically a nickname. But they can swipe your username to the right to see your full profile containing your photo, full name etc. You should edit your Yo app profile to set this information. As with all the apps, you can take your picture through the front camera of your smartphone and save it in the Yo profile.

Yo App

Conclusion: The Yo app shows how keeping things simple can help you avoid embarrassing situations. Instead of sending a full text message to someone you care for, and later regret about sending the wrong words, you can just send a “Yo!” for all the possible occasions.

You can get the Yo app for Android from