Cliqz Adds Instant Search from Address Bar in Firefox

If you have ever used the Chrome web browser from Google, then you know one of the wonderful features among many others is its ability to display search results as you type something in the address bar. For example, you can type “lady gaga” in the address bar of Chrome and it will show a drop-down list of Google search results for this keyword. It makes things a little easier if you want to look up for a website and do not exactly remember its domain name. Mozilla Firefox on the other hand has been missing this feature. But now you can use the Cliqz extension in Firefox to add a similar instant search feature in the address bar.

Although Cliqz is made in Germany and the results are German geared, it serves it purpose if you are looking for globally popular keywords. For example, if you are looking for “Samsung galaxy” then all the search engines will give you more or less same results. But if you are going to look for something local, then Cliqz will only display the German oriented results. For example, “best restaurants” will perhaps give you the best restaurants list in Berlin.

After the installation of the Cliqz extension, you can immediately start using it in Firefox. Just start typing something that you are looking for in the address bar and the Cliqz search results will appear in the drop-down listbox. Unlike Chrome instant search, Cliqz also displays media content in the results like the pictures and video too.

Cliqz for Firefox

If you are not happy with the Cliqz search results, then you can hover your mouse cursor over the “noch mehr” (more) text in the lower-right corner of the search list and it will show you icons of various popular search engines and sites like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, amazon, ebay, twitter, Wikipedia and so on. You can click on these icons to open the search results of these search engines and sites in a new tab.

The Cliqz extension also adds another useful icon in the toolbar (other than its pretty much useless main icon). Clicking on this icon, you email the URL of the currently open website to your friends or family members if you want. This makes it easy for you to share any interesting sites that you encounter on the internet.

Cliqz for Firefox

Conclusion: Cliqz extension adds the instant search in the address bar of Firefox browser. It is designed for keeping German users in mind, but you can still use it without much trouble.

You can download and install the Cliqz extension for Firefox from