Trend Micro Mobile Backup & Restore : Cloud Backup for Android

When I visited beautiful Cambodia for a vacation trip, I learned an important lesson about the importance of making backups regularly. I had lost my Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone somewhere in the Phnom Penh city. It must have slipped out of my jeans pocket. I had stored all my contacts, pictures and videos on it. Although I bought another cheap Android phone (luckily many affordable phones are available in Cambodia), but my important data was lost. Having learned my lesson, now I always use one or other backup programs to keep my data safely backed up on the cloud servers so that I can restore it easily in the case my phone is damaged or lost. These days I am using the Trend Micro Mobile Backup & Restore app in my Android smartphone to keep my data safe.

Trend Micro Mobile Backup & Restore can automatically backup all of your important data to its cloud servers. The backups can be created manually and can also be scheduled to allow data backup automatically. It can backup call logs, texts, contacts, calendar events, photos, music and videos.

Trend Micro Mobile Backup & Restore

You have to create a Trend Micro account before you can start the backup or restore operations. The account needs only your name, email address and password. After this you can proceed to creating your data backup from under the Backup section. You have to choose the items that you want to backup and then tap on the Start Backup button. It may take a long time depending on the number and size of files you are trying to backup.

Trend Micro Mobile Backup & Restore

At any time, you want to restore your files from the backup, you can switch to the Restore section. Trend Micro Mobile Backup & Restore is very intelligent and can tell you which of the files need to be restored by comparing the local and cloud versions of the files. Under the More section, you can manage your cloud storage, delete backups and buy more cloud space etc.

Trend Micro Mobile Backup & Restore

You can open the settings of this cloud backup utility, by using the menu button on Android and then tapping on Settings as the menu options appear at the bottom. In the settings, you can choose to enable automatic backups, choose the time and frequency of automatic backups, choose which network should be used for creating the backups, choose which items should be included in the automatic backups and more.

Trend Micro Mobile Backup & Restore

Conclusion: Trend Micro Mobile Backup & Restore is a cloud backup utility for Android devices. It can create cloud backups of almost all the type of data stored on your Android smartphones and performs restoring of your data seamlessly. The only con of this backup utility is that it provides very little free cloud storage space (50 MB).

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