How to Install and Use New Fonts in Android

Powerful smartphones and tablets with octa-core processors and multi-gigs of RAM are available in the market today. Equipped with very cutting edge hardware, these mobile devices are actually replacing the old world notebooks and desktop computers. You can perform almost any of your computing tasks on these mobile devices from video chatting, printing, gaming, text document editing, graphics designing, video editing and more. But since Android based mobile devices come only with a set number of pre-installed fonts, sometimes it becomes a struggle to choose the right font for your documents. Although some of the apps like WPS Office use their own fonts, most of the other apps rely on the fonts installed in Android. The only way for such apps to use new fonts is to install these new fonts in Android first. You can use the free Font Installer app to install and use new fonts in Android devices.

The Font Installer app works only on rooted Android devices as it has to make changes in the Android system folder (all the fonts are installed in the “/system/fonts/” folder). As you launch the Font Installer app, it shows you options to download the fonts from its server or use local fonts. You can download fonts from the internet under the Server section. You can browse for any fonts (TTF or OTF) in your SD card under the Local section (assuming that you have copied font files somewhere on your memory card). Tapping on any font will show options to install it or preview it. You can choose to install a font by tapping on Install in these options.

Font Installer for Android

After one or more fonts have been installed, you have to restart Android in order to load these new fonts. Every time you install a new font, it displays prompt to reboot – but you can cancel reboot and install more fonts before you finally decide to reboot your device. After Android has restarted, you can open any app that uses Android system fonts and start using the new fonts. In the following screenshot, the Office editor is using the newly installed fonts.

Font Installer for Android

Another very important feature of the Font Installer app is its ability to backup and restore your fonts. In fact, when you install the first font using this app, it makes you create an initial backup of all the existing fonts. This way you can always restore the original Android fonts from the backup. You can restore all or individual selected fonts from the backup.

Font Installer for Android

Conclusion: If you have a rooted Android smartphone or tablet, then you can install many new fonts in it using the Fonts Installer app. The newly installed fonts can be used in all other apps that support using the Android system fonts. This way you can use fonts of your choice in your text documents, graphics documents and other applications.

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