How to Access Windows 8 Partitions in Linux

I keep Windows 8 and Ubuntu Linux on the same computer in the dual boot configuration. This way I have the option to use either of these great operating systems whenever I want as both of them have their own advantages. Linux does not have any problem with Windows 7, but if you try to access the Windows 8 partitions in Ubuntu Linux, then you may encounter a strange problem. Linux refuses to mount the Windows partitions saying that Windows did not shutdown but hibernated and accessing hibernated partitions is not going to work. This is because the Windows 8 and 8.1 do not completely shutdown Windows by default, but rather they use a hybrid of hibernate and sleep modes in order to make Windows start very fast. If we can turn off this hiberboot or fast startup feature in Windows 8/8.1, then we will be able to access the Windows partitions in Linux without any problem.

Unable to Mount Windows 8 Partitions

Here is how you can turn off the fast startup mode in Windows 8:

  1. Press the hotkey Win + X and when the administrative context menu is shown, select Command Prompt (Admin) from this menu.Unable to Mount Windows 8 Partitions
  2. In the elevated command prompt, type the following and press the Enter key.
    powercfg.exe -h -off

    Unable to Mount Windows 8 Partitions

  3. That’s it. After a system reboot, your Windows 8 will not use the fast startup method and you will be able to access the Windows partitions in Linux easily.

You can also turn off the hiberboot feature in Windows 8 using the Registry Editor directly. Additionally, there is a way to turn off the fast startup mode in Windows 8 through the Control Panel.

Conclusion: If you are unable to access Windows 8 partitions in Linux because Windows is hibernated, then you can turn off hiberboot or fast startup mode in Windows 8 to resolve the issue.