Automatically Clear App Cache in Android at Regular Intervals

As you use apps in Android phone, the apps accumulate cache and residual files. This is particularly true of the apps that make use of the internet and save some sort of data. For example, the web browser in Android creates cache to store your web browsing history. Similarly many games like the Danger Dash and Temple Run also create cache to store your scores and other data. As more cache accumulates in your Android device, it not only reduces the disk space available for other activities like installing new apps, but it also makes the Android a little slower to respond.

To keep your Android device running like new, you should keep clearing the app cache regularly. Although you can clear the app cache by going to the system settings and then opening the App section, but you have to clear the cache individually for all the apps one by one. If you think it is a tedious and annoying task, then you are not alone . You can use the free App Cache Cleaner app in Android to automatically clear the app cache after regular intervals.

App Cache Cleaner

The App Cache Cleaner app shows you a list of all the apps that have stored some cache on your phone’s SD card. You can tap on any of these apps in the list to open the usual Android settings screen where you can clear the cache for individual apps. But if you want to clear the cache for all the apps at once, then you can touch the Clear button and it will clear the cache for all the apps. Similarly, you can delete the residual files left over by different apps.

In the Settings of the App Cache Cleaner app, you can choose Auto Clear Interval and then pick an interval after which you want to automatically clear the cache in your phone. You can pick an interval from 6 minutes to 7 days as per your convenience. This makes it very easy to keep your Android free from clutter and running fast.

App Cache Cleaner

Conclusion: The App Cache Cleaner app can be used by Android users to manually clear the app cache as well as automatically clear the app cache after a pre-set regular interval of time. This is specially useful if your phone does not have sufficient internal memory or is running slow.

You can download the App Cache Cleaner app for Android from


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