How to Choose the Default Browser in Android

When you are reading email messages or text messages in Android, sometimes you come across the web links. When you touch these web links, Android asks which web browser you want to use to open these links. The prompt to choose a web browser appears only if you have installed more than one web browsers other than the stock Android browser in your device. After some time it becomes very annoying and you can relieve yourself from this prompt by choosing a default web browser for your device. After you have set a default browser, the prompt to choose a web browser stops bothering you and the links are opened in your default web browser directly.

You can easily select a default web browser for your Android device using a free app called Default Browser Selector. After the installation when you launch the Default Browser Selector app, it shows you a list of all the browsers installed in Android. If it shows only one browser, then you do not really have to set any default web browser – the only browser is used all the time when you try to open links from different apps. But if multiple browsers are shown in the list, then you can select any one them to set them as the system’s default browser.

Default Browser Selector in Android

As the default browser is set for Android, you can see a green checkmark against that browser in the Default Browser Selector app list. It also shows a message box to open the newly set default browser or open it at any later time.

Default Browser Selector in Android

Conclusion: It is very easy to set a default browser in Android in itself. But you can make it even easier by using the Default Browser Selector app. It allows you to choose any of the installed web browsers as the default browser for the Android system.

You can download the Default Browser Selector app for Android from