How to Automatically Record Phone Calls in Android

When we meet new people and visit new places, we tend to give our contact information to the people we find interesting. Other than the twitter, facebook, kik and other online social networking tools, we sometimes also end up giving our mobile phone numbers. But you have to be very cautious when handing out your mobile number. You may not know whether the person who looks interesting to you in first meeting is really some kind of weirdo or even a criminal who would torment you over your mobile phone by making obscene, threatening or  annoying calls. You can report such calls to the police, but if you go prepared with a recording of all these calls then police would have sufficient evidence to throw the perpetrator of the crime into prison for a long time.

So if some weirdo is annoying you by calling you day and night by making obscene calls, you can use the free Automatic Call Recorder app in your Android smartphone to record the calls. This app records all the outgoing and incoming calls which is a great thing as you never know when that weirdo would call you – so automatic recording of all the calls would be perfect.

Once installed, it will ask you to setup a Google Drive or Dropbox cloud account to upload all the recorded calls to your cloud account. This is helpful if you make or receive hundreds of calls everyday. But you can skip this if you make 5-6 calls in a day and you have enough space on your SD card to store the recordings.

Now whenever you receive or make a phone call in your Android phone, it will be automatically recorded. You would see a red circle in the notification bar on the top which indicates that the current call is being recorded. You can pull down the notification bar to view more information.

Automatic call recording in Android

After it has been recorded, the message shows that you have one new recording – you can tap on this message to open the phone call recording. The screen that opens allows you to play the recording, delete or save it. You can even add notes to the call recordings so that you know what it is about at any later time.

Automatic call recording in Android

You can also access all the recordings by opening the Automatic Call Recorder app. All the recorded calls are shown under the inbox and those which you saved are under saved. The inbox keeps only 40 newest call recordings by default (you can increase the number of calls in inbox from settings), so if you do not save them they will be replaced by newer calls.

In the settings for the Automatic Call Recorder app, you can toggle the automatic call recording, choose the audio format (AMR, 3GP or WAV), setup the cloud account, automatic enter the phone into speaker mode, change the inbox capacity and more.

Automatic call recording in Android

But before you go ahead and start recording calls, you should consider the legal aspect of recording calls in your country or state. In most of the places is it okay to record your own calls, but it is illegal to tap someone else’s phone. But you should check your local laws first so that you do not run into any trouble trying to record the calls.

Conclusion: If someone is annoying you by making random obscene or threatening calls, then you can record these calls using the Automatic Call Recorder app in your Android smartphone. The app can record both the incoming and outgoing calls in many different audio formats and supports storing the recordings on the cloud accounts like Google Drive or Dropbox.

You can download the Automatic Call Recorder app for Android from