Cloudacl Safe Browser for Android Keeps Bad Sites Away from Your Kids

Whenever my three year old niece sees me, she asks for my smartphone to look at the pictures of cows and then makes the “moo” sound. She knows how to go back and forth in the browser in Android, after all she has just has to swipe the screen to the left or the right with her little fingers. So I often open the Google or Yahoo! images search page for “cows” in my phone and give it to her. But sometimes even when looking for something innocent, the search engines can show mature or adult oriented results. This is why I always use the Cloudacl Safe Browser when handing the phone over to my little niece.

The Cloudacl Safe Browser for Android monitors millions of domains and webpages and filters the objectionable material so that your kids cannot open such sites either accidentally or even intentionally. This web browser forces safe search in all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing so that your kids cannot find any inappropriate search results. If such sites are opened by typing the address manually in the address bar, they are blocked and a message is displayed to this effect.

Cloudacl Safe Browser for Android

You can use the Cloudacl Safe Browser in normal mode or in the admin mode. To use the admin mode, you will have to setup the admin password (use menu key and select Admin). Once you have set the admin password, you can enter the admin mode any time by entering this password. This password also protects anybody from making changes to the settings. In the admin mode, you can use the menu key and then select Settings to open the Cloudacl Safe Browser options.

Cloudacl Safe Browser for Android

In the options, you can choose which categories of the sites you want to block. You can block sites related to security, online games, online storage, social networking, proxy servers and more. You can also edit the blacklist (sites to be always blocked) and whitelist (sites to be allowed always) in the settings. You can also change the home page of the web browser and change your admin password from here.

Conclusion: You can protect your young kids from inappropriate content available on the internet by using the Cloudacl Safe Browser in Android. It can block sites related to many categories that may be improper for the young kids.

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