How to Cast Any Tab in Chrome to Chromecast Devices

Google has completely changed the way we consume the digital media through its amazing products. The Google Chromecast technology is another example of Google’s innovativeness. Chromecast technology can be used to stream content from just about any device to another through the Chromecast device. For example, you can stream videos from your computer to your large screen HDTV through the Chromecast dongle. The possibilities are endless and you can even view web browser pages on a larger screen perhaps for presentations or for watching the web videos on your big TV screen. This is possible through the use of the free Google Cast extension in the Chrome web browser.

After the installation of the Google Cast extension in your Chrome browser, you would notice a screen cast icon in the toolbar. You can click on this icon to view a list of all the Chromecast compatible devices in the surrounding area that your PC is able to detect. If you do not see any devices, then make sure that Chromecast dongle and your PC are on the same wireless network.

Google Cast Extension for Chrome Browser

As you choose one of the available Chromecast device from the list, it starts to stream the current tab to that device. You can now watch your opened tabs on your large TV screen while controlling them on your PC.

Google Cast Extension for Chrome Browser

In the options for the Google Cast extension, you can choose the tab casting quality from standard (480p), high (720p) or extreme (more than 720p). If you choose a higher streaming quality, then it would consume more of your wireless network bandwidth and other devices connected to the same wireless network may see reduced data transfer rates.

Google Cast Extension for Chrome Browser

Conclusion: The Google Cast extension for Chrome makes is extremely easy to stream any of the opened tabs in the Chrome browser running on your PC over a wireless network. This is ideal if you want to watch an HD movie or video on your large screen HDTV or you have to display your presentation files stored in your Google Drive on a large screen.

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