DP4 Font Viewer Allows Easy Font Management in Windows

There are thousands of websites on the internet where you can find beautiful fonts of all types for all your projects. The websites like FontPalace that offer hundreds of thousands of free as well as commercial fonts. But while you install so many fonts on your Windows PC, it becomes a problem to manage them – remove the ones that we no longer need and install new ones. The inbuilt Windows Font Viewer tool does not offer much except to list all the installed fonts. If you want to manage your fonts much more efficiently, then you can use the free DP4 Font Viewer program for Windows.

The DP4 Font Viewer program shows you a complete list of all the installed fonts in your Windows system. You can also filter fonts based on their properties like class, weight, width and whether they are monospaced You can click on any of the fonts to view its complete character set in the right-side panel. You can see how the fonts shows the ASCII characters, all the glyphs or you can type your own text to check the font. It supports Unicode characters as well as the traditional ASCII characters.

DP4 Font Viewer for Windows

You can select File → Print Font List to print a list of all the fonts on an attached physical printer or a virtual PDF printer. It prints the font names, their location, file name and the complete ASCII characters rendered using these fonts. You can also customize how the font list is produced before it is printed. If you have more than 200 fonts on your system, then it may take a few minutes before it starts to print the list.

DP4 Font Viewer for Windows

The DP4 Font Viewer also allows you to install new fonts and delete the already installed ones. In order to delete a font that you do not like, select that font and then choose Font → Delete from the menubar. Similarly, in order to install a new font, first of all open the folder containing that font in DP4 Font Viewer, then select the desired font and then choose Font → Install from the menubar. Of course, you must be running this application with administrator rights in order to delete or install the fonts.

DP4 Font Viewer for Windows

Conclusion: The DP4 Font Viewer is a simple, portable and easy to use font manager for Windows. It lets you view the installed fonts, delete unwanted fonts and install new fonts on your Windows PC.

You can download DP4 Font Viewer from http://us.fontviewer.de/.