NQ Mobile Vault : Password Protect Messages, Contacts, Pictures and Videos in Android

The first thing my co-worker Stacy does when she comes to my place is to pick up my Android smartphone and look at all the messages, contacts and so on. This is very annoying and painful to see someone go through your personal messages without your permission. Some of these messages are usually from my bank and can easily reveal financial information like my bank account or bank balance. I have told her not to do this, but to no avail. So I figured, if she is not going to change her habit then why not password protect all the sensitive messages and contacts. The free NQ Mobile Vault helped me do exactly just that.

NQ Mobile Vault app for Android allows you to password protect your text messages, facebook messages, contacts, pictures, videos and apps. The coolest feature is its ability to lock down an app completely. Now you are able to password protect your twitter, facebook, or Yahoo! mail apps so that not just anyone holding your smartphone can go through your sensitive, financial and personal information.

As you launch the NQ Mobile Vault app, it asks you to set a password using only numerals. You can set a password from 3 to 15 digits long. It is advised that you do not use an easily guessable password like your anniversary, school roll number, license number, car’s registration number, bank’s ATM PIN etc.

NQ Mobile Vault for Android

After setting up your password, you can proceed to the NQ Mobile Vault app dashboard. Here you can choose any one of the modules to proceed with protecting your pictures, videos, text messages (SMS), contacts list, facebook messages etc. You can also lock any app installed on your device. The online vault feature allows you to store protected items on the cloud servers, but is available only in the premium version.

All the modules work in the same way – you choose the module, select the items you want to protect and these items are password protected. After this these items will be visible only through the NQ Mobile Vault app dashboard which is accessible only after supplying the correct password.

Conclusion: The NQ Mobile Vault app for Android is a must for all those Android users who want to protect their financial and personal privacy. This app password protects your messages, videos, pictures, contacts and apps – requiring you to enter a password before allowing you to access them.

You can get the NQ Mobile Vault app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netqin.ps.


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