How to Find Dialed Phone Numbers from Dialed Tones Sequence

I am a big movies fan and watch many movies every month. While watching the detective mystery movies, sometimes you become curious about the phone numbers various people dial on their touch tone phones in the movies. But if they do not show you the dialed number, then how would you know. Well there is a way to figure out the dialed phone number from the sound of the touch tones sequence made when the number was dialed. Each of the numbers make a distinct sound and by detecting the sounds frequency, we can determine the whole dialed phone number.

The first step would be to record the sequence of sounds made during the dialing of the phone number. You can do this easily using your smartphone’s sound recorder. The sound file should be saved in the WAV file format as these are easy to analyze. If you are on Windows PC, then you can use the Audacity software to record the sound and save it as a WAV file.

When your WAV file is ready, you can visit the DialABC website and visit the Detect DTMF section. This section allows you to upload your sound file containing the sequence of the touch tone sounds. Just click on the Browse button, select your WAV file and click on the Find DTMF Tones button.

Detect Phone Number from Touch Tones

In a short while (depending on the size and quality of your WAV sound file), you would see the results of the analysis. It shows a graphical analysis if the detected sound frequencies and possible dialed numbers related to them. It also shows a table containing the detected tones and related numbers in the order they were dialed. You can see in the following picture that it has detected 1-800-3949-358 as the dialed number which is the Sears department store’s customer service number.

Detect Phone Number from Touch Tones

Conclusion: It is very easy to find out the dialed phone number just from the sound of the touch tones made when dialing the phone numbers. You can use the free DialABC online service to detect the phone numbers from an audio file containing the tone sound sequences.

You can visit the DialABC’s DTMF detection webpage at