Save & Restore Desktop Icons Positions in Windows with Iconoid

Every time you copy something on your Windows desktop or a new program is installed and it places a new desktop icon, the desktop icons get re-arranged. And then it becomes a struggle to find where the icon of your favorite program has disappeared. Due to this problem of icons re-arrangement, many times people delete the wrong files or launch the wrong programs thinking it was something else. One possible solution to deal with the desktop icon rearrangement problem is the freeware Iconoid program that helps you save and restore the desktop icon positions easily.

After the installation of Iconoid, it adds a new context menu item to the desktop’s right-click menu. Now you can right-click anywhere on your desktop and select Manage Desktop Icons followed by one of the sub-menus to perform the respective actions. You can use this menu to hide icons, show icons always, show icons only when needed, save icons layout or restore the icons layout.

Iconoid - Save & Restore Desktop Icons

Iconoid also places its icon in the notification area of Windows taskbar. It also shows the same options as shown in the desktop’s right-click context menu in addition to the options for exiting the program and opening the help page. You can click once on this icon to open the Iconoid window.

Iconoid - Save & Restore Desktop Icons

In the Iconoid window, you have options for many different features like changing desktop colors, hiding of desktop icons, saving desktop icons positions and more. You can save and restore the desktop icons from under the Positions tab. You can choose to save the relative positions or separate positions for different screen resolutions.

Iconoid - Save & Restore Desktop Icons

Under the Hiding tab, you can decide how and when the desktop icons are hidden. You can choose to hide icons always, hide them never or hide only when mouse cursor is in a certain position. You can also choose to hide the taskbar along with the icons.

Iconoid - Save & Restore Desktop Icons

Conclusion: Iconoid easily save and restore the desktop icons positions in Windows. This way even if change the screen resolution, the icons stay put in the same positions and any confusion caused by the icon layout rearrangements is avoided.

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  1. how do I save my icons placements before I exit iconoid?

    I arranged them last night and exited iconoid and this morning the icons were all grouped together as before I arranced them.

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