Fix Network Problems in Windows with NetAdapter Repair All in One

In my experience the internet stops working only on those days when you need it the most. You turn on your PC, sit in in your comfortable chair ready to finish a project only to realize that internet has gone down. If it is a problem on the ISP side, then the fix is easy – just call your ISP and make their technicians work. But if it is a problem in your Windows networking settings, then it becomes very complicated as it could be anything from the DNS servers, DHCP servers, hosts file, disabled network adapters and more. You can manually check them all one by one, but a better way is to use the free NetAdapter All in One tool to check and fix all the network related settings.

The NetAdapter All in One tool is a life saver for those blue days when your internet does not work in your Windows PC because of some networking setting issues. It is a portable program for all the versions of Windows from XP to 8.1. As you launch this tool, it will show you a comprehensive set of fixing tools along with a brief summary of your current networking settings.

NetAdapter Repair All in One

In the networking settings, you can see the public IP address, private IP address, MAC address, networking settings etc. You can also quickly ping your DNS server or any other IP to see whether the internet connectivity is an issue.

In the set of tools, you can choose to reset the hosts file, renew DHCP assigned addresses, change computer’s DNS servers to Google DNS, flush DNS cache, reset internet settings for Internet Explorer, enable all the network adapters and more.

However, if none of these tools fix your internet connection, then it could be a problem with the Windows Firewall, Winsock files or proxy servers. For fixing these, you can click on the Advanced Repair button on the top. This type of repair requires your Windows PC to be restarted.

NetAdapter Repair All in One

Conclusion: The NetAdapter All in One tool employs all the known methods to fix the broken internet connection on a Windows PC. It can be used to quickly repair a Windows computer’s network settings both by the novice and the advanced users alike.

You can download the NetAdapter All in One tool from