Zamzom Wireless Network Tool Shows All Connected Devices on Your WiFi Network

When my friend Alice bought a new WiFi router, she did not know or care about setting a password for the wireless network. So she just attached the router to her existing ADSL internet connection and started enjoying wireless broadband internet. But it did not take much time before she notice the Ethernet LED blinking on her ADSL modem even though she had not connected any of the devices to the wireless network. Apparently she had created an open access wireless network and many other people in the street below had started using it through their smartphones.

This type of situations can easily be avoided by setting up a password in your WiFi router so that not everyone can connect to your wireless network. Only those people who know the password are able to connect to your network. But even if you set a password and tell it to a friend, what happens often that the password makes its way to the public through the word of mouth. Question is how would you know how many people are connecting to your wireless network at the present time?

In my TP-Link wireless router, I can open the web interface ( and check the DHCP clients list to see how many people are connected. But not all the devices make use of the DHCP server in the router, some of them are configured to use static IP address settings and these devices won’t show up in the DHCP clients list.

A better and more reliable way is to use the Zamzom Wireless Network tool. It comes in two editions – a basic free edition and another paid version. The only difference between the two is that the paid version shows the device names in addition to the IP addresses and MAC addresses. All you have to do is launch the Zamzom Wireless Network tool and click on the Fast Scan or Deep Scan buttons.

Zamzom Wireless Network Tool

The tool works great with all the default settings, but you can change the IP address range to scan for the wireless network for a much more customized result. It also shows whether you are connected directly to the modem (ADSL model + WiFi router devices) or to the LAN etc.

Conclusion: Zamzom Wireless Network tool can show you a list of all the devices connected to your wireless network. Along with the IP addresses and the MAC addresses of all the connected devices, it can also show their names.

You can download the Zamzom Wireless Network tool from