Fast Full Webpage Translation with Google Translator for Firefox

One of the features of the Chrome web browser that makes the Firefox users filled with jealousy is its ability to offer instant translation for webpages. As soon as you open a webpage that is not in your locale (for me it is US English), Chrome offers you to translate the complete webpage using the Google Translator. If you want to have a similar feature in Firefox, then you can use the Google Translator for Firefox extension. Although this extension does not offer instant translation by detecting the webpage language like in Chrome, it allows you to quickly translate the complete webpage at the click of a button.

After the installation of this extension, you would see a new icon in the Firefox toolbar. When you want to translate a webpage, then you can just click on this toolbar button and a new tab with Google Translated webpage would be opened. You can also select some text on a webpage and choose to translate the selected text instead. This will also open the Google Translate page with the selected text being translated into a language you have specified in the extension options.

Google Translator for Firefox

You can select the Options from the menu that appears when you click on the toolbar icon installed by the Google Translator for Firefox extension. In the options window, you can choose the target language of translation. You can also choose the default action that takes place when you click on the toolbar icon. There is also a hotkey that you can configure.

Google Translator for Firefox

Conclusion: Firefox users can also have quick full page translations just like the Chrome browser using the Google Translator for Firefox extension. You can translate selected text or the complete webpage using this Firefox extension.

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