DeskNotifier : Receive Android Notifications on Windows PC

When working at my office, I have to keep picking up my Android smartphone whenever a new phone call, text or email message is received on it. This seriously interferes with work I have to look up in my bag for the phone again and again. This is why now I have started to use the DeskNotifier app which allows you to receive the messages and notifications on your Windows PC. This way you can see all the notifications on your Windows screen that are being displayed in Android including the phone calls, email messages, text messages and more.

In order to start using the DeskNotifier app, you will have to install the DeskNotifier app in your Android device as well as install the DeskNotifier software on your Windows PC. The Windows software is designed using the Oracle Java technology and therefore requires you to install Java Runtimes Environment (JRE) in Windows.

The first step should be connecting both the Android device and the Windows PC to the same WiFi network. Then you can launch the DeskNotifier app in the Android device and note down the WiFi IP Address from there.

DeskNotifier for Android

Now in your Windows PC, launch the DeskNotifier program and when the connections settings window is shown, select WiFi connection method. Then enter the WiFi IP address that you noted down from the DeskNotifier Android app and click on the OK button.

DeskNotifier for Android

You will see a notification in the system tray of your Windows PC about the successful connection via WiFi. If you do not see this notification, then there is some problem in the connection settings and you should check them again.

DeskNotifier for Android

Once DeskNotifier is successfully connected, you can right-click on the DeskNotifier icon in system tray and select New SMS to send a new SMS through your Android smartphone. You can also select the language, change the notification volume and connection settings from the system tray menu.

DeskNotifier for Android

Whenever you receive a new phone call, text message (SMS), email message etc., you will receive notification along with a sound alert on your Windows desktop. You can also receive third party notifications (like from the Yahoo! Mail app in Android), by enabling the DeskNotifier app in the accessibility settings of Android.

DeskNotifier for Android

Conclusion: DeskNotifier makes it very convenient to stay in touch with all the notifications in your Android device while busy working on your Windows PC. It shows the notifications on the Windows PC and even allows to send the SMS messages from the PC using your Android phone’s mobile network.

You can download DeskNotifier from

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