Google Software Removal Tool Removes Unwanted Programs

If you observe that your Chrome browser is opening sites very slowly, you see popups opening randomly, find new toolbars or startup pages that were not set by you, or in general it is behaving in a suspicious manner, then the most possible cause is that either you are infected by malware or some other potentially unwanted program (PUP) is running on your system. The PUPs usually piggyback on the setup installers of legitimate software, therefore they may slip under your radar unnoticed. Some of the antivirus products are also not so strict about installation of the PUPs. But if these programs are making your life with Chrome unbearable, then you can use the Google Software Removal Tool to find and get rid of them.

You can download the Google Software Removal Tool and use it instantly without installing as it is completely portable. It does not even require the Microsoft .NET or Java, so you do not have to worry about that. As it runs, it scans your Windows PC for suspicious or unwanted programs. If it finds such programs, you will be shown a list of these undesired programs. You can click on Remove Suspicious Programs button to remove them. If a system reboot is required, then you will be shown options to perform a restart.

Google Software Removal Tool

However, if it finds nothing, then simply a message “No suspicious programs found” will appear and you can click on the Continue button to proceed. This will automatically launch Chrome and ask you to perform a complete browser reset. Resetting the browser will reset homepage, new tab page, search engines back to their default values; it will remove the extensions and browser cache and cookies too. In short, it will bring your Chrome back to its freshly installed state.

Google Software Removal Tool

Conclusion: Google Software Removal Tool is a nice tool to keep your Chrome free from unwanted programs and extensions that could be making it slow and reducing its performance. However, it is not a replacement for a regular antivirus and cannot detect all the malware.

You can download Google Software Removal Tool from