How to Automatically Upload Pictures & Videos from Camera to Dropbox

If you are using your smartphone camera for taking pictures and videos then you can configure Dropbox app to automatically upload the taken pictures to the cloud servers. But it becomes a problem in digital cameras as most of them do not have any internet connectivity. But you can configure the Dropbox application in Windows to automatically upload the pictures and videos from your digital camera to your cloud account as son as you attach it to your Windows PC through a USB data cable. Dropbox cleverly uploads only newer files to the cloud storage. This makes it very easy to backup your media from your camera to your Dropbox account.

Here is how you can configure Dropbox in Windows to auto-upload the pictures from your digital camera:

  1. Right-click on the Dropbox icon in the notification area in Windows, click on the gear-like icon and then select Preferences from the menu. This will open the Dropbox settings window.Dropbox Auto-Upload Camera Pictures
  2. In the Dropbox preferences window, switch to the Import tab. Here you can select whether you want to enable the camera upload for photos only or both for photos & videos. You can also click on Change AutoPlay Settings to open the auto-play settings for Windows in the Control Panel. You can close the Dropbox preferences window by clicking the OK button.Dropbox Auto-Upload Camera Pictures
  3. In the Control Panel window that opens, scroll down and select Import photos and videos (Dropbox) for Camera Storage and then click the Save to save the settings.Dropbox Auto-Upload Camera Pictures
  4. Now when you attach your digital camera to your Windows PC through a USB cable, you would see the the Camera Upload window of Dropbox. You can click on the Start import button to start uploading the pictures and videos from your camera to your Dropbox account.Dropbox Auto-Upload Camera Pictures

Conclusion: The camera auto-upload feature of Dropbox application in Windows makes it very easy for you to create a backup of all of your pictures & videos. The whole process is completely hassle free – all you have to do is attach your digital camera to your PC and then sit back and relax.