How to Export or Import Saved Passwords in Mozilla Firefox

The password manager built inside the Firefox browser is really helpful. Every time you have to enter username and passwords on a webpage, Firefox asks whether you want to save the passwords for later use. And if you choose to save the passwords, Firefox automatically fills that webpage next time with the password – saving you the trouble of both typing the password and memorizing it. Many Firefox users, including me, use this feature regularly and over a period of many months usually accumulate a dozens of passwords for various online services like webmail services, forums, webhosting services, online banking and more. If any time, if you want to export these saved passwords to a file, then you can use the free Password Exporter extension.

The Password Exporter extension adds this new feature in Firefox allowing you to export and import the saved passwords as well as the disabled login hosts (the domain names for which you set Firefox never to save the passwords).

After the installation of the Password Exporter extension in Firefox, you can press the Alt key once to make the menubar appear and then select  Tools → Options to open the Firefox Options window. In this window, you have to switch to the Security section. Here you will find a new button labeled Import/Export Passwords. Clicking on this new button will open the password exporter window.

Password Exporter for Firefox

In this window, you can export the usernames and passwords saved in Firefox to a CSV or XML file by clicking on the Export Passwords. You can optionally choose to obfuscate the passwords, so that they cannot be used by just about anyone. You can later restore these passwords by clicking on the Import Passwords and choosing the XML or CSV file. Similarly, you can export or import the disabled logins by selecting the appropriate buttons.

Password Exporter for Firefox

Conclusion: You can export passwords saved in Firefox to CSV or XML file using the free Password Exporter extension for Firefox. The passwords can be saved either as plain text format or in the obfuscated format. It can also backup the disabled login hosts to the XML file.

You can get the Password Exporter extension for Firefox from


  1. This was a VERY useful addon, but Firefox no longer has it in their library because it isn’t compatible with the latest version. BUT I use Waterfox and this addon is just fine. However, after a major incident, I now want to reinstall it but cannot find it anywhere.

    HELP !!!

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