SD Formatter Can Format All Types of SD Memory Cards

Formatting your SD memory card using the format tools that come with an operating system can reduce its performance. And if you do not choose the correct file system type, then that memory card can also become unrecognizable in many of the smartphones and cameras. The only sure way to get one hundred percent out of your memory cards is to format them with the SD Formatter tool. This software is specialized in formatting only the SD memory cards and does its job pretty well. It can format all types of SD memory cards available in the market – microSD, SD, SDHC and SDXC cards.

The SD Formatter software comes as setup installer that installs it on your system. In addition for this software, you also need a some sort of memory card reader that you can hook into your PC. If your PC already has an SD card slot, then you do not need a memory card reader.

SD Formatter

After installing SD Formatter in your PC, you can insert the target SD memory card into your PC’s memory card slot. Then launch the SD Formatter software and choose the drive letter corresponding to the memory card that you have just inserted. It will show you the memory capacity and the volume label for the selected drive. You can change the volume label to anything you want.

SD Formatter

Before proceeding to format, you can click on the Options button to select a few options for the SD card format process. You can choose format type – quick, full (erase) or full (overwrite). The overwrite format type is a great option if you are giving away the SD card to someone else, as it will erase all the data on it beyond recovery.

The Format Size Adjustment option sets the memory to be a multiple of number of cylinders in the SD card. This can actually reduce the total available capacity of the memory card, but will make it compatible to devices that are not otherwise able to use the memory card properly.

SD Formatter

As you click on the Format button, it proceeds to format your target SD card, erases all the data on it and makes it ready for fresh use. It formats the SD cards in such a way that they give their best performance when used in smartphones, cameras or other devices.

Conclusion: The SD Formatter software is specially designed to format the SD memory cards. It can format all types of SD memory cards and may also fix some of the memory size problems that you may be having with them.

You can download the SD Formatter software from

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  1. If you are looking to remove any data from your SD card just format as removing data by plain deleting can hamper the database of your SD card.

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