How to Share Battery Charge Between Two Android Devices

Yesterday, when I was using the Metro to go to my work place, I happened to meet a teenager girl who was twiddling her thumbs over her smartphone incessantly. I did not know what she was doing but it seemed like she was busy sending texts or comments over the facebook. And then suddenly she stopped using her phone and looked very sad. So out of politeness and being a good Samaritan, I asked why she had happened. She told me that she was texting back and forth with her father who is in hospital awaiting a serious heart surgery and now her phone had run out of battery. I always charge by smartphone to the full, so I thought of sharing my phone’s battery charge with hers using an OTG cable. In only fifteen minutes, her Android phone was 25% charges and she was happy again. When my station came, she thanked me once again and I got off the train but I was feeling much more happier than usual.

If you also find yourself or someone else in a similar situation, you can also share the battery charge between two Android mobile devices. I have not tried this with iPhone, but this does not work with feature phones as they do not recognize the OTG cable. In fact if I connect an OTG cable to my old feature phone, it shuts down for some reason.

Share Battery Charge Between Two Android Phones

For sharing the battery charge, all you need is a regular data/charger cable that you use to connect your smartphone to your PC and a standard USB OTG Host cable. If you do not have an OTG host cable, then you can buy them very cheap from any mobile store or from online shopping sites.

When you have everything ready, connect the USB data cable to one of the phones. Connect the USB OTG host cable to the other phone. And finally attach the two cables together. You will notice that the phone with smaller charge level has started to charge. The charging will continue until the batteries of both the phones has almost the same level of charge.

While the sharing of your battery charge is great for emergencies, you should not do this on a regular basis as this can heat up the components inside your smartphone and damage them.