How to Change Mouse Pointer Speed in Android

The reason why people love Android so much is the flexibility of usage provided by this operating system. You can use your Android smartphone as a mobile phone, media player, or you can turn it into a small notebook computer by connecting an external keyboard and mouse to it. Although Android devices do not come with special ports to connect an external mouse or keyboard, you can use a cheap OTG host cable to connect them to your Android smartphone or tablet. This is a great setup when touring outside. The small Android smartphone is small enough and can be used to as notebook computer for burning the midnight oil for work.

When you connect your USB mouse through the USB OTG cable to your Android smartphone, nothing would be shown on your Android screen unless you move the mouse. Usually the mouse cursor is automatically optimized and works alright. But some mice with very high DPI setting can move very fast. Similarly, some older mice can move very slow on your Android screen. In both the cases (the very fast or very slow moving cursors), it becomes very inconvenient to actually use the mouse.

But you can change the mouse pointer speed in Android and make it either slower or faster as per is the necessity of your situation. Here is how:

  1. Open System Settings in Android. In order to open the system settings, you can touch the menu button (the left-most button near the bottom edge of your Android device) while on the home screen and then select System Settings from the menu that shows up.
  2. On the system settings screen, the preferences are given in under many different categories. You have to select the Language & input category.Android Mouse Pointer Speed
  3. On the Language & input screen, you would find the Mouse/Trackball setting at the bottom. Touch the Pointer speed preference from here.
  4. You would be shown a slider control using which you can set the speed of the mouse pointer in Android. You can make it faster or slower as you prefer.

Changing the mouse pointer speed in Android is very easy. But if you have smaller Android screen then you should not make the mouse pointer speed faster as it can become a problem to see the fast moving pointer on a small screen device.