AVG Web Tuneup : Protection from Dangerous Websites & Trackers

The free tool AVG Web Tuneup from the AVG labs takes care of the three problems that we usually come across when surfing online – it provides protection from the dangerous or harmful websites, it blocks the trackers that can learn your online behavior to display ads catered specially for you, and it allows you to quickly cleanup your web browsing history to wipe out your online fingerprints in your browser. The AVG Web Tuneup works for the Chrome and Firefox browsers in form of an extension.

During the installation, it offers to change your home page and search providers in Chrome or Firefox. If you do not want it to happen, then you can uncheck the relevant boxes in the setup installer screen. After the installation, you would notice a new extension in your web browsers. In Firefox, it places the familiar AVG icon in the address bar – clicking on which you can see the Site safety status of the website currently being visited. The website is tagged as safe, risky or dangerous and decision to proceed browsing the site is left for you.

AVG Web Tuneup

You can choose the Do not track parameters from the same interface and toggle the do not track feature on or off. What this feature does basically is deny the connections to some of the very well known tracking servers. If this feature seems to break down some websites, then you can toggle it off conveniently.

AVG Web Tuneup

The Browser cleaner section can show you a brief summary of what resides in your web browser cache – number of saved forms, cookies, websites in browsing history, download history and so on. You can click on the Clean now button to clean all the history from your web browser which can actually make the browser a little faster in response.

AVG Web Tuneup

In the settings for the AVG Web Tuneup, you can turn on or off the various features like site safety, do not track, browser cleaner, notifications etc. You can also assign a homepage to your browser and choose a search engine provider from a list given.

AVG Web Tuneup

Conclusion: AVG Web Tuneup gives basic protection required for every internet users. It protects from dangerous websites, blocks trackers and allows quick cleanup of the browser cache – making your overall web browsing experience safer and faster.

You can download the AVG Web Tuneup from http://www.avg.com/web-tuneup.

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