Ninite : Install Popular Software Automatically in Windows

As soon as you are finished installing a fresh copy of Microsoft Windows, you think of installing the essential third party software like picture viewers, archiving tools, web browsers, antivirus software and so on. You can do this all manually by downloading software from the websites of the respective products, but you have to manually go through all the setup installation steps, clicking  the “Next” and “I Agree” buttons many times. Moreover, some of the software installers come packed with unwanted toolbars and promotional programs that you must be careful and alert for, so that you can choose not to install these. But why go through all this ordeal, when Ninite can do it all automatically for you.

Ninite is a simple solution for the third party software installation requirements in Windows. You can choose the software to be installed and then Ninite will automatically download and install them silently in the background in your Windows system. It also avoids the installation of unwanted toolbars and PUPs that usually piggyback the intended software installer packages.

You can start by visiting the Ninite website where you can select many popular third party software belonging to various categories like web browsers, utilities, messaging, media, runtimes, compression, imaging, documents, file sharing, security and more. After a selection of all the software you want to install is made, you can click on the Get Installer button.


This will download a special software installer file from Ninite website. You can launch this program and it will contact the online servers for download the software that you had earlier picked. After this it will start downloading and installing all the selected software packages one-by-one on your system. You do not have to do anything now, you can go about doing your normal work on your computer or get a cup of hot coffee and relax. When everything is installed, Ninite will notify you – you may have to reboot the PC depending on the type of software you chose to install.


Conclusion: Ninite installs third-party software in Windows quickly, automatically and in the background without requiring any input from the user. This is a great tool to install the essential software of different variety on your PC after you have completed a fresh install of Windows on your PC.

You can visit the Ninite website at