Cr!ptAES : Free Portable Encryption Tool for Windows

If you have secret documents that are meant only for your eyes, then you should better encrypt them using a good encryption cipher like AES. You can use many of the encryption tools we have mentioned on before like AXCrypt for this, but all these tools need to be installed on your Windows PC. If you want a portable and effective tool, then you can use the free Cr!ptAES program. It works on Windows and offers many strong encryption ciphers like AES, Blowfish and Serpent.

Since this Cr!ptAES tool is portable, you can just download the ZIP file, extract its contents to a folder and launch Cr!ptAES.exe from there without having to install anything on your system.

Cr!ptAES Encryption Tool

The user interface of Cr!ptAES is very simple. You have to add a file or a folder that you want to encrypt by clicking one of the add buttons in the toolbar. After you have added the files, you have to choose one of the actions at the bottom – automatically choose the action based on file extension, encrypt the files, decrypt the files, fingerprint files, wipe files and so on. You have to enter a password for the encryption, and Cr!ptAES can generate these passwords for you. The passwords generated by Cr!ptAES are very strong (20 characters long). You can also choose one of the encryption ciphers that you want to use – AES, Blowfish or Serpent. Finally you can click on the Cr!pt button to proceed with the encryption or decryption.

Verdict: Cr!ptAES is a free and portable application for quick and fast encryption of your sensitive documents. It supports strong ciphers like AES, Blowfish and Serpent and can even generate very strong passwords for your use.

You can download the Cr!ptAES encryption tool from