WiFi Inspector for Android : See Who is Connected to Your WiFi Network

Usually when you have to find out who else is using your WiFi network, then you have to login to the web interface of your WiFi router by entering the gateway IP address (like or in the web browser address bar and supplying the login credentials. In the web interface, you can check the users under WiFi statistics or similar sections. But not everyone wants to go through the web interface of the WiFi router, neither do they have access to the router’s admin interface. So how do you find who else is connected to the same WiFi network as you are? You can use the WiFi Inspector app for Android to scan your WiFi network for active connections and find out their details easily.

The WiFi Inspector is a simple but useful app for seeing who else is online on your WiFi network without going through the trouble of logging in to WiFi router interface. After the installation, as you launch the app, it shows a brief summary about your WiFi network like the SSID, your IP address, Mac address, network speed, DHCP servers and the DNS servers.

WiFi Inspector for Android

You you can touch the Inspect Network button to scan your network for active connections. It then disconnects your WiFi, reconnects it and checks what other IP addresses on the WiFi network are responding. These detected devices are then listed along with their IP address, Mac address and a possible manufacturer. The known devices are shown with a checkmark, while the unknown devices are marked with a cross.

You can touch an unknown device in the list to see more details about it as well as turn it into a known device. You can touch the Is known button to make it a known device. You can also modify the device name if needed.

WiFi Inspector for Android

At any later stage, if you want to delete the list of known devices that you have selected to be known manually, then you can touch the menu button on your Android smartphone and choose Delete known devices list when it appears on the screen.

Conclusion: The WiFi Inspector app for Android can quickly show you a list of all the devices connected to your WiFi network without having to log in to the WiFi router’s web interface. It is very useful if you do not want to be bothered with using the WiFi router’s web interface or have no access to it.

You can get WiFi Inspector app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lksystems.wifiintruder.