File Extension Fixer Repairs Missing File Associations

If malware have infected your system in recent past, then chances are high that it could have messed with your system settings disabling key programs like Registry Editor, Task Manager, MSConfig etc. In addition during the malware removal process, you can also end up having the EXE file associations removed which will prevent you from running executable programs on your computer. In order to fix these common missing file associations, you can use our tool EXE file association tool, but if some of the other file associations (like VBS, COM, BAT, REG, MSI etc.) are also missing, then you may benefit from the free File Extension Fixer program.

The File Extension Fixer is a free tool that can restore the missing file associations back to their original values. Moreover, it also has options to launch any command or program as well as download and launch programs like Malwarebytes Anti-malware or Ultra Virus Killer.

The File Extension Fixer is a standalone portable program, so you do not really have to install anything on your computer. File Extension Fixer is available both in the EXE and COM extension formats, so if the EXE file does not run on your PC, then you can try your luck with the COM file.

After you launch the File Extension Fixer tool, you can go choose the file extensions you want to fix from the drop-down list (like EXE, MSI, BAT, REG, CMD, COM and VBS) and then click on the Fix selected button. You can also choose to fix all the supported file extensions in one go, instead of fixing individual extensions. You will have to restart your Windows PC for the process to complete.

File Extension Fixer

After you have fixed the file associations, you can also proceed and fix any of the disabled tools and services like the Registry Editor, Task Manager, System Scheduler, MSConfig and etc. Some of the malware disable these tools so that a user cannot remove the malware manually.

Conclusion: You can fix the missing file associations easily using the File Extension Fixer tool. It can fix the EXE, COM, CMD, BAT, REG, MSI and VBS file associations in Windows.

You can download the File Extension Fixer tool from