Ultra Virus Killer – Repair, Clean & Optimize Windows

When inexplicable things start happening in your Windows PC, there can be two very common reasons that can account for these occurrences – malware infection and corrupt system files. If your system is infected with malware, then there are many repair disks like AVG Rescue Disk and other similar bootable disks offered by many antivirus software vendors. But even after malware removal, the infection leaves behind some of the system settings messed up. The free utility called Ultra Virus Killer can help you repair, clean and optimize your system – especially in the wake of malware attacks. It can also help you fix the problems arising from corrupt files in the Windows operating system.

The Ultra Virus Killer utility, contrary to its name, does not clean any viruses on your system. But instead it helps you fix the messed up settings due to malware infection after you have removed the malware using many different tools like avast! resuce disk or ESET online scanner.

As you launch the Ultra Virus Killer, you can see all the tools that it offers – process manager, modules manager, autorun manager, service manager, tools to delete files/folders, registry seekers and many more. You can use these tools to investigate which processes are currently running on your system, which programs are automatically launching, check installed services, delete some of the suspicious files, uninstall programs, and many other things to keep your Windows PC in shape.

Ultra Virus Killer

If you need any extra tools to get rid of the malware then you can check the section Links and visit the websites of all the popular antivirus software vendors to download the trial or free versions of antivirus, rescue boot disks and other similar tools.

Conclusion: Contrary to its name, Ultra Virus Killer is not a virus removal tool, though it offers an array of useful tools using which you can cleanup the left over entries after malware infection and make your system faster and run smoother than before.

You can download the Ultra Virus Killer from http://www.carifred.com/uvk/.