Fix Common Windows Problems with FixWin for Windows

Whenever Windows starts to show the signs of unexpected behavior, it is due to some or other missing or messed up settings. You can normally correct such problems by making changes to the Windows Registry, going deep into the Control Panel to configure Windows or using the Group Policy Editor to change some of the options offered by Windows. But this requires you to know where to look for which of the settings for troubleshooting for a particular problem and not everyone knows where to search for these settings. You can find many of the articles on to fix these problems but if you want a quicker solution to some of the common annoyances, then you can use the free FixWin Utility.

The FixWin utility, although cannot fix all the Windows problems, offers to fix the problems that are very often encountered by Windows users. It starts with a welcome screen where you can choose to scan your hard disks for errors and fix the corrupted files. You can also create a restore point in case this program makes inadvertent undesirable changes to your system.

FixWin Utility

After creating a system restore point, you can proceed to any of the categories that fits the problems that you are having. For example, if you are having a problem to launch the Registry Editor then you can select the System Tools category and click on the Fix button against the appropriate item in the list.

FixWin Utility

In total the FixWin utility can fix over 50 types of common Windows annoyances under various categories like File Explorer, Internet & Connectivity, Modern UI, System Tools, Troubleshooters, Additional Fixes etc.

Conclusion: FixWin can fix the common Windows annoyances and offers to troubleshoot some of the basic problems that Windows users frequently complain of. It can fix these problems in just one click without the user having to make any changes through the registry editor, control panel or the group policy editor.

You can download the FixWin Utility from