Heimdal Security Protects Your PC from Malware and Vulnerabilities

These days cyber-criminals are making use of the various vulnerabilities that exist in third party software like Oracle Java, Adobe Flash etc., and Windows system itself to break into your PC. Some of the malware also depend on exploiting the vulnerabilities in your system and other installed programs to infect your PC. This is why the security researchers and experts both advise Windows users to keep all the software up-to-date as well as to install a standard antivirus software, in order to stay protected from the modern day security threats. The Heimdal Security software also works along the same lines of keeping the critical software up-to-date to protect from vulnerabilities and provides protection from malware giving you an all-around protection for your Windows PC.

Heimdal Security comes in two versions – a free version that does not contain malware protection modules and the pro paid version that protects both from malware and the vulnerabilities. After the installation, you can double-click on its system tray icon to view the current status of your system protection. The window that opens shows your system’s health rating on a scale from 0 to 100 in a graphical way.

Heimdal Security Software

Under the “Software” section, you can see the list of the software installed like Adobe Flash, Java Runtime Environment, Windows Media Player etc., along with their versions and the security status. Heimdal Security monitors this software for any available updates, downloads and installs them as the latest versions take care of the known vulnerabilities in the older versions of the software.

Heimdal Security Software

Under the “Advanced” section, you can choose to automatically update the software if any updates are detected, modify the scanning and updating intervals, setup a proxy server and more. The sections “Malware” and “Modules” are accessible only for the Pro users.

Heimdal Security Software

Conclusion: The Heimdal Security software can protect you from the vulnerabilities that exist in third party software and are very often exploited by malware and hackers. The pro version provides an additional layer of protection by scanning for the malware too.

You can download Heimdal Security software from https://heimdalsecurity.com/.