SlickRun is Floating Command Tool for Windows

Learning to use Windows is a complicated business. You launch some programs from the desktop shortcuts, some programs from the Start Menu, some tools from the Control Panels and the apps from the Windows modern screen. Sometimes you even get confused about how to launch a program and have to Google about it. But if you use SlickRun, then everything becomes very easy. SlickRun is a free floating command run utility for Windows. You can type the commands inside it to launch programs, apps, tools and websites without having to dig deep into Windows settings and complex interfaces.

After the installation, the small SlickRun command run window appears on your screen. You can drag it around on your screen wherever you see it fit and are comfortable to use it. By default, it shows the available RAM in your Windows system and the current data & time inside the command box. But you can click on this box and start typing commands like “notepad” and press Enter key on your keyboard to run them. You can also type website domains and magic words inside the command box. Magic words are acronyms that you set up inside the SlickRun settings for launching programs and sites.


You can right-click on this SlickRun command box and choose to define new magic words, view already existing magic words, lock the size & position of the command box, or open the setup (options) for the SlickRun utility.


In the SlickRun setup window, you can edit or add new magic words. You can change the size, position, font, idle display, and customize the right-click menu for the system tray icon. You can also assign a system wide hotkey, make it auto-start with Windows, enable auto-complete and more.


Conclusion: You can launch any program or website quickly and easily using the SlickRun free floating command tool. This tool also offers magic words for launching programs using short codes.

You can download SlickRun utility from