MultCloud : Combine Multiple Cloud Drives into One

To the delight of everyone in need of online storage, there are more than a dozen free cloud storage services available today and each of these are offering anywhere between 5 GB to 50 GB of free cloud storage space. It is not surprising that most of us have signed up for these free accounts from more than one cloud providers. I myself use Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive,, Dropbox and a few others that I cannot remember at the moment. With so many cloud accounts accessing your files on the cloud becomes like swinging on a trapeze – dangling from one to the other cloud account. But thanks to the MultCloud app, now you can combine all your cloud accounts into one and access them all from one place.

MultCloud is a web app where you can add all of your cloud storage accounts. It supports all the popular cloud storage services like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3,, SugarSync, Copy etc., in addition to all the services that make use of the WebDAV and FTP interfaces. It should be mentioned that most of the cloud accounts not directly supported by MultCloud can be accessed via the WebDAV interface.


The first thing you have to do is create a new account on MultCloud which takes the usual route of supplying your username, password, email address and such. Having created a MultCloud account, you can login to MultCloud and start adding the cloud services by clicking on the Connect Your First Cloud Service button.


This opens up a new screen where you can choose one of the services that you want to add from the gallery. You can also add these services via the WebDAV or FTP access credentials. If you do not see your favorite cloud service here, then try adding it through the WebDAV and it might work.


The adding of the different cloud services takes different steps – some of them require app authentication while others just need the login credentials. Since the MultCloud app accesses your cloud storage for you, you may receive a warning of accessing from a strange or unknown IP address from your cloud service provider. In the end, you would be able to access your files in one place from the MultCloud web app. You can perform various operations on these files – download, upload, edit, delete, copy etc.


Conclusion: MultCloud combines all the cloud services into one and lets you access all of your cloud accounts from one place. This can save you from the trouble of entering login credentials on different websites of the different cloud services, if you hold the accounts of many of the cloud service providers.

You can visit MultCloud website at

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