View List of All Opened Tabs in Opera

After Mozilla Firefox pioneered the tabbed browsing almost ten years ago, all the other web browsers sooner or later had to adopt the tabbed browsing due to its increased popularity. Now all the web browsers available feature tabbed browsing and allow you to open multiple websites simultaneously in these different tabs. As the tabbed browsing has become popular with the users, another problem has surfaced – it has become a tedious task to find and switch to one of the tabs when dozens of tabs are open. Usually we have to switch to all the tabs one after another until we see the tab we are looking for. But Opera has made things easier for the casual tabbed browsing user – now you can view all the opened tabs in form of a list and switch to any of them easily from this list.

This new feature has been introduced in the version 26 of the Opera browser. When you have opened multiple tabs in Opera, you can press the hotkey Ctrl+K to view a list of all the opened tabs. This tabs list is displayed near the right edge of your opera web browser. You can use this list to find a desired tab and select a tab to switch to it very easily.

View Tabs List in Opera

You can also open the same list by clicking on the small tab-menu icon displayed near the top-right corner of the Opera browser window. This list makes it easy to read the page titles in the list even if dozens of tabs are open. Additionally this list is also available in the full screen mode and makes it easy to switch tabs in the full screen mode.

Conclusion: You can view a list of all the open tabs in the Opera browser. Using this list you can read the tab titles and switch to any of the open tabs very easily. This is very useful when using Opera in the full-screen or presentation mode.