Quickly Share Pictures, Links & Videos on Google Plus

Google Plus has become popular over the past few years among both the smartphone and the personal computer users. While it is very easy to share things like videos, pictures, links and such over the Google plus social network on your smartphone, it is not so easy when you are using a web browser on your desktop computer. But Google has now taken care of this problem and has added a quick share feature on the Google’s homepage. Through this “plus” button it has become very easy to share things over the Google plus network.

Previously when you visited the homepage of  the Google search site, it showed your name, picture, alerts and a tiled icon that showed shortcuts to various Google services upon being clicked. Now, in addition to all these previous icons, a new “plus” icon is being displayed. When you click on this “plus” icon, it shows you an easy way to share your posts, pictures, videos, links, events or polls. You can also choose the people with whom you want to share with.

Google Plus Quick Share

This makes it very easy and quick for you share things on Google plus without having to visit your Google plus page in your web browser. Before this it took more than five minutes to open the Google plus webpage and then share things. Now it is going to take only five seconds to share with Google plus.

Verdict: The new share button for Google plus is definitely a very helpful feature which was very much desired for a long time. It is certainly going to encourage casual web surfers to share more and more things with their Google plus circles and friends.